Hannah Mary Brown (1845 - 1912)

Hannah Mary Brown, my great-great-great grandmother, was born on October 2, 1845, in the area of Markle, Indiana. Her parents, Robert and Catherine (Keck) Brown, were originally from Pennsylvania. Hannah was the fifth born out of nine children. See my Rootsweb page for details on Hannah's siblings.

On July 8, 1869, Hannah married Charles W. Miller in Huntington, Indiana. They had six children in all:

Only Lillie and Daisy lived to adulthood. Shortly after Annie was born in Indiana, the family moved up to Michigan and homesteaded in the Cherry Grove area near Cadillac. Hannah's daughter Lillie later recalled her mother stating she didn't see another white person up there for the first year they were here. The area was still inhabited by the Indians.

This photo is believed to be of Hannah. It was together with a younger photo of her husband Charles, and it would be strange not to have a photo of her in the collection of Lillie (Miller) MacDonald. However, the photos were not marked in any way, and no one is alive today who can say that this is definitely her.

Hannah died on May 17, 1912, at her home on Marble Street in Cadillac, Michigan., at the age of 66. It was stated in her obituary that she had never really gotten over the death of her son Harry, who had drowned in Clam Lake in Cadillac at the age of sixteen. Her daughters Lillie and Daisy were the only two children to survive her.

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