The Fewless Connection

Why are there so many members of the Fewless family in one of our family photos?

This photo, taken abt. 1900, contains members of the Smith-Lewis and Fewless-Lamb families. Or were they all part of one larger family?

Finally, we know the answer! See the genealogical chart below. Both families were descended from Mary Jane (known as Jane) Broom of England, who married first George Fewlass, and secondly Charles Smith Sr.

Top row, left to right:
Leslie Smith, son of Charles and Liday
David Lamb, father of Olive and Joe
John Robert Fewlass, half-brother of Charles Smith
Baby not named on back of photo... but is probably
Leonard Fewless (d.1900), John Robert's grandson
Albert Lewis, son of Robert
Joe Smith, cousin of Charles Smith
Unknown Fewless, brother of George Fewless
Charles Smith, father of Leslie, Vernie, Lillie, Bertha, and Leona
George Fewless, father of Kirby, Fred, Arthur, and Ray

Front row:
Fred Fewless, son of George
Leona Smith, daughter of Liday and Charles
Olive Lamb, daughter of David Lamb
Bertha Smith (Lewis), daughter of Liday and Charles
Art Fewless, son of George

Second row:
Kirby Fewless, son of George Fewless
Amanda Smith, wife of Joe Smith
Dora Fewless, wife of George Fewless
Mrs. David Lamb (nee Ida Fewless)
Liday Smith, wife of Charles Smith
Joe Lamb, son of David

Captions on the back of the photo were labeled by Bertha (Smith) Lewis, my great-grandmother. A present member of the Fewless family confirmed the family relationships between the Fewless and Lamb family members shown here, but had no information on how the Lewises and Smiths were connected. The 1880 census for Osceola County, MI, had the Charles and Liday Smith family living next door to the George and Dora Fewless family, but there had to be some larger connection.

However, the 1850 Census of Ontario County, NY, combined with death records of Mary Jane Smith, has helped solve this mystery. Thanks to Barb Bonham for providing information on the Fewless side of the family.

Chart of Descent:

	       George Fewlass      m.(1)    Mary Jane Broom   m.(2) Charles C. Smith
	       (1805-Abt.1845)		      (Abt.1815-?)	      (Dates?)
				    |		              |
				    |                         |
		                    |             ---------------------------------------------------
                                    |             |                         |                        |
                    John Robert Fewless     Mary Jane Smith         Charles Ackley Smith       Albert Lafayette,
			 (1835-1900)          (1846-1907)                (1848-1920)             Hannah, Emily
                             m.                   m.                          m.
                        Lovina Click        Robert H. Lewis     Eliza "Liday" Arnetta Smith (1858-1920)
                             |                     |                              |
                             |                     |                              |
           ---------------------------       ---------------             ------------------------
           |                         |       |             |             |        |      |      |
           |                         |       |             |             |        |      |      |
George Henry Fewless (& Others) Ida Fewless  Others  Albert Lewis m.(2) Bertha  Leslie Leonie Lillie &
           m.                        m.			             |                        Vernie (not shown)
    Dora Bell Burk              David Lamb                           |
           |                         |                               |
           |                         |                               |
 ---------------------         -------------            ----------------------------
sons Kirby, Fred, Art, Ray     dau Olive, son Joseph    sons Dewayne, Charles, Perry, Cary, Austin, and
  and baby Leonard (d.y.)       & one other child       daughter Sadie
                                                             Steve Lewis (son of Cary)
                                                                     |                                                                     |                        

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