The Segar-Bardeen Cemetery, Italy, NY
The Segar-Bardeen Cemetery (named for some of the families buried here) straddles the county line between Yates County and Steuben County.  Families from both Italy and Prattsburgh, NY, are buried here, and the Edsons owned land in both counties.

Where's the cemetery?  It's inside the cluster of trees on the left, and is located on private land.  We had to drive down a rather bumpy dirt road to get here.  We asked the farmer who owned this land whether we could walk around and take some photos.  Without the map provided in the Yates County cemetery book, we never would have found this place.

This photo gives you a good impression of the condition of the cemetery.  The stones are in horrible condition.  As the farmer told us, "Nobody has ever taken care of the place." Trees and brush have grown up around the stones, burying some, and pushing others out of the ground.  Most of the stones are broken, overturned, buried, or otherwise unreadable.

Rufus Edson (1765-1828) and his wife Mary Cole Edson (1765?-1840) are both buried in this cemetery, but try as I might, I was unable to locate their stones.

There are a few stones in the Segar Cemetery still standing, but not many.  We got the impression that when this cemetery was first used, back in the 1820s, this used to be a quiet family cemetery, rather parklike.  Trees were planted in the area to give it a scenic atmosphere.  However, after 180 years, things have deteriorated considerably.  I must admit I wasn't terribly comfortable walking around here.  There were a number of holes, no doubt created by animals, around the stones - it made the place more than a little creepy.

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