Trip to Yates County, NY, August 2001

In August 2001 a friend and I took a drive over to Italy and Naples, NY, to visit the towns where the Edsons and Arnolds settled, as well as the cemetery where they were buried.

A typical scene in Italy, NY, on a hot summer morning.  This photo was taken along the road which leads to the Segar Cemetery. 

The road was completely deserted apart from  a couple joggers, who were nice enough to give directions to two very lost people.

Here's another photo of Italy.  Most of the county's land is used for farming.
Look what we have here!  When I saw this street sign, I figured we must be heading in the right direction.  

This photo was taken on the way to the Barkers Cemetery, alternately called the Italy-Naples Cemetery, because it falls close to the county line dividing Naples, Ontario County from Italy, Yates County.

After stopping there, we headed over to the Segar Cemetery, where many of the Edsons were buried.

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