Liday Arnetta Smith (1858-1920)

Liday Arnetta Smith was born in 1858 in Cedar Springs, Michigan, and died in 1920 in Sherman Township, Michigan. She married Charles Ackley Chapin Smith in 1873.

We suspect Liday's real name was Elizabeth, as she was called Eliza in the 1880 census of Osceola County as well as in a biographical sketch of her father, Obadiah Smith. This would make sense if she were named after her mother's mother Elizabeth Edson. However, nobody in the family remembers her name being Elizabeth - she was always known as Liday.

She and her husband had six children: Leslie, Verna (Vernie), Lillie, Bertha, Leona (Leonie), and Herbert. Only the oldest five lived to adulthood. The photo to the left is of Liday and Charles.

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