Genealogy of the Lewis and MacDonald Families,
originating from Wexford County, Michigan

Welcome to the Lewis/MacDonald family genealogy pages - a web version of a book of family snapshots designed and prepared by Gayle Lewis Maurer, Christmas 1998, for members of these families. This set of pages, though not an exact duplicate of the book, contains many of the photos included there, along with some other facts and information discovered since its publication.

A brief table of contents:

An Index of Persons, by surname, with information listed in these web pages.

The Starting Points: the pages with photos of my four great-grandparents on this side of my family:

Information about my unknown Bridgewater connection.   Also, please see some photos of Yates County from a trip that I took back in August.

You may also view and search my online GEDCOM file on Rootsweb.

Other famous (or semi-famous) ancestors of mine include Samuel Gorton, founder of Warwick, RI; Roger Conant, founder of Salem, MA; and of course there's a connection to royalty if you follow the tree back far enough...

If you think you may be related to one of the people or families contained in these pages, please drop me an e-mail note.   Please also see a list of near and distant cousins I've found during my research, along with some other useful links.

This set of pages is a work in progress, and additional information will be added periodically.

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