This page links to placement services, recruitment firms, and employment agencies that specialize in library, information services, and/or records management positions.  Many of these organizations accept resumes and list current job openings. Some require you to register for their services.  Some of the positions may be permanent, others temporary. Some specialize in executive (director/dean-level) searches. Consult the policies of each organization or agency for specifics.  All of these sites are cross-listed in other appropriate categories (by specialty or region) on Library Job Postings.  See also SLA's page for placement and executive searches for more examples, including some that don't have websites.

If you work for an agency and would like to update your listing on this page, please drop me a line.

US-Based Agencies and Offices

AIM Library & Information Staffing

  • Scope: Library positions across the country.  Some are direct hires; others are contract or temporary positions.
  • Updated: Whenever new positions are available
  • Sponsor: AIM Library & Information Staffing

BiblioTemps: Staffing Solutions for Libraries

  • Scope: Provides staffing solutions for libraries that are members of the Central Massachusetts Regional Library System. 
  • Updated: No jobs listed.  See application for employment to sign up as a temp.
  • Sponsor: BiblioTemps/CMRLS

Bradbury Associates/Gossage Sager Associates

  • Scope: This executive search firm is exclusively devoted to academic, public, school, and special libraries. Detailed information and links on all current searches can be located at its website.
  • Updated: As new searches are initiated or concluded.
  • Sponsor: Bradbury Associates/Gossage Sager Associates
  • Instructions: Positions contained on this website are primarily for U.S. institutions. Contact information is listed on the website.

The Cadence Group

  • Scope: Provides research services, staffing, computer consulting, records management, and project management solutions to clients nationwide.  Most are in the Atlanta or DC areas.
  • Updated: Whenever new jobs are posted.  See job ads for availability.
  • Sponsor: The Cadence Group, Atlanta, Georgia, and Washington, DC

Career Central: Suburban Library System

  • Scope: Positions at five metropolitan-area library systems in the Chicago area. Not a placement firm per se, but "a cooperative service that solicits and distributes resumes of qualified library personnel among five Chicago Metropolitan area library systems." SLS also offers a resume-distribution service.
  • Updated: As job postings are received.
  • Sponsor: Suburban Library System, Chicago, IL.

Corbus Library Consultants

  • Scope: Library director recruitment services for public libraries, mostly in Ohio and the Midwest.
  • Updated: Whenever new positions are open.  Filled positions are also listed.
  • Sponsor: Corbus Library Consultants, Chesterland, Ohio.

F1 Services, Inc.

  • Scope: Provides temporary staffing, research services, and consulting services to Texas libraries.
  • Updated: No job ads listed.  This site is geared towards potential clients (libraries) rather than librarians.
  • Sponsor: F1 Services, Inc., Dallas, Texas

Heller & Associates

  • Scope: All regions, all positions, both permanent and temporary placement (most seem to be at corporate libraries)
  • Updated: Whenever new jobs are available
  • Sponsor: Heller & Associates (New York and Chicago), a placement firm for librarians and information specialists worldwide.  Heller & Associates is a longtime member of SLA and has been in the field of library staffing for over 25 years.


  • Scope: Positions at libraries that are listed with InfoCurrent, a recruitment firm that places library personnel at all levels in permanent and temporary jobs nationwide.  Offices in  Boston, Chicago, NYC and Washington, DC.  Most positions are in the special library arena, but others are in academia, medical libraries, governmental libraries, non-profits, etc.
  • Updated: Only open positions are listed.
  • Sponsor: InfoCurrent
  • Instructions: To search for jobs, choose Employment Opportunities.

Information International Associates, Inc. (IIa)

  • Scope: A firm specializing in information technology and information management solutions for the Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Department of Defense, and other federal agencies.
  • Updated: Whenever new jobs are available.
  • Sponsor: IIa, headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
  • Instructions: See Job Opportunities on left-hand menu for details.


  • Scope: Provides business service solutions and consulting for information centers. "Infotrieve’s expertise includes the people, processes and technology solutions for all elements of information center management."
  • Updated: Whenever positions become available.
  • Sponsor:  Infotrieve, Wilton, Connecticut.

John Keister & Associates

  • Scope: Executive search firm for public, academic, research, and special libraries.
  • Updated: As searches progress
  • Sponsor:  John Keister & Associates, Vernon Hills, Illinois

Labat-Anderson Incorporated

  • Scope: Library management firm with clients including the EPA, Air Force, Census Bureau, EEOC, DOE, NASA Headquarters, and General Accounting Office.
  • Updated: Specific opportunities not listed.  Contact the company for details on how to be considered.
  • Sponsor: Labat-Anderson Incorporated, McLean, Virginia


  • Scope: Current jobs available through LAC-Group, a library staffing and recruitment firm established in 1986.  Their focus is national in scope, with offices in California, Denver, and Washington, DC. Government positions are a specialty. (Cross listed under All Libraries, Federal Libraries, Pacific, Western, and Atlantic States)
  • Updated: Whenever new positions are available. Jobs remain listed until filled.
  • Sponsor: LAC-Group

The Library Co-Op

  • Scope:  Provides staffing, records management, automation, knowledge management, abstracting/indexing, and other services
  • Updated: Whenever new postings are submitted.  Login/registration required to view current ads.
  • Sponsor: The Library Co-Op, Edison, New Jersey, and New York, NY

Library Jobs Network

  • Scope: Library positions, predominantly in management.
  • Updated: Whenever new postings are submitted. 
  • Sponsor: Library Jobs Network, an "executive search firm focused solely on securing highly-qualified candidates for academic, public, and special library administrative and management positions."

PRO LiBRA Associates

  • Scope: "A library service company providing personnel staffing, project management and consulting services to corporations, public entities and individuals" in the northeastern U.S.  Includes both temporary and permanent placements.
  • Updated: No jobs are online. Choose "Contact Us" for contact information.
  • Sponsor: PRO LiBRA Associates, Summit, New Jersey


  • Scope:  PTFS is a digital library total solution provider.  Products and services include a content integration digital archiving software platform, government classified digitization and document scanning, and systems integration.
  • Updated: Whenever new positions become available.
  • Instructions: Contact PTFS directly for more information on the jobs posted here. Choose the appropriate links for job listings.
  • Sponsor: Progressive Technology Federal Systems, Inc. (PTFS)

Quality Staffing Specialists

  • Scope: A full-service staffing firm serving the needs of companies (including libraries) in the area of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
  • Updated: Whenever new postings are available.  Most if not all of the jobs tend to be outside libraries - check back if you don't see anything relevant.
  • Sponsor: Quality Staffing Specialists, Cary, North Carolina.

Special Counsel

  • Scope: Staffing firm for legal positions across the United States, including those in law libraries and in records management
  • Updated: Whenever new jobs are available.
  • Sponsor: Special Counsel

TFPL Recruitment

  • Scope: Knowledge management, information management, library, records management, web content management and information provider roles.  "We operate at all levels and across all sectors in the UK, Europe and US, both contract and permanent."
  • Updated: Daily
  • Sponsor: TFPL (New York and London), a placement firm for information and knowledge management professionals
  • Instructions: Contact TFPL directly for more information on the jobs posted here. Choose the appropriate links for job listings. 

Taylor & Associates

  • Scope: A library placement service focusing on the San Francisco Bay Area. Also useful are some example resumes.
  • Updated:  Job listings aren't online; contact Taylor & Associates for more information on their services.
  • Sponsor: Taylor & Associates, San Francisco and Albany, California

International (Non-US) Agencies

Aslib Professional Recruitment

  • Scope: Librarian, information specialist, indexer, and other library-related positions, throughout the UK, both permanent and temporary positions.
  • Updated: Not stated
  • Sponsor: Aslib, the Association for Information Management
  • Instructions: You will need to fill out an application form (available online) to participate in Aslib's recruiting process.

Glen Recruitment

  • Scope: Temporary and permanent positions in library/information management which are being handled through this recruitment firm.  Unless otherwise stated, positions are located in London.
  • Updated: Whenever new jobs are added.
  • Sponsor: Glen Recruitment, London
  • Instructions: Candidates must sign up with Glen Recruitment in order to apply for any of the postings listed.

Intelligent Resources

  • Scope: Deals with positions in library, information, knowledge and research fields, as well as supplying to the online information market.
  • Updated: New jobs are added as soon as they come in. In order to register with the consultancy, candidates should e-mail their CV to
  • Sponsor: Intelligent Resources, London

Instant Library

  • Scope: Library, information, and archives posts in the UK
  • Updated: Not stated
  • Sponsor: Instant Library Recruitment
  • Instructions: "Instant Library Recruitment are a professional employment consultancy specialising in career opportunities for librarians, information specialists, records managers and archivists."  Interested candidates may register online and also view a list of vacancies.

The One Umbrella, covering Library Locums, Qualified Records People and Knowledge People

  • Scope: Australia's specialist recruitment company for librarianship, archives and records management, and knowledge management.  Offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.
  • Updated:  Vacancies are posted daily.  
  • Sponsor: The One Umbrella Group

Reekx: Vacatures

  • Scope: Positions in the Netherlands which are being handled by this recruitment agency.
  • Updated:  Whenever new jobs are available.  See Reekx website for details on how to register.
  • Sponsor: Reekx, Groningen and Almere

Resource Options

  • Scope: A recruitment agency for library and records management specialists in Australia.  Jobseekers may apply for placement services online.
  • Sponsor: Resource Options (Queensland and Victoria, Australia)

Sue Hill Recruitment

  • Scope: "A high level and comprehensive service recruiting key information sector professionals at all levels."  Services are offered for all types of libraries, and for all types of positions: information specialists, librarians, records managers, archivists, knowledge managers and information managers. Offices are in London and in the Midlands.
  • Updated: Whenever new jobs are available.
  • Sponsor: Sue Hill Recruitment

TFPL Recruitment

  • Scope: Knowledge management, information management, library, records management, web content management and information provider roles.  "We operate at all levels and across all sectors in the UK, Europe and US, both contract and permanent."
  • Updated: Daily
  • Sponsor: TFPL (New York and London), a placement firm for information and knowledge management professionals
  • Instructions: Contact TFPL directly for more information on the jobs posted here. Choose the appropriate links for job listings. 

Vital Information

  • Scope: "Vital Information's recruitment business is specialised.  We concentrate on medical information, pharmacovigilance and related positions covering both permanent and temporary placements either full or part-time."  Positions are located throughout the UK.
  • Updated: Regularly
  • Sponsor: Vital Information

Zenith Management Services Group

  • Scope: "A provider of Information Management staff throughout Australia. Our mission is to provide an effective and innovative staffing service second to none through adopting superior recruiting and staffing solutions for our clients."  Specific opportunities are listed here.  You can also register for their services and submit your resume online.
  • Sponsor: Zenith Management Service Group, with offices across Australia.

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