Amos Arnold (1790-1856) 
and Eliza Edson (1794-1862)

Amos Arnold was born in the year 1790 in Vermont (likely in the area of Chester, Windsor County). He had at least one brother, Ebenezer, and at least one sister, one of whom married Henry Kirk of Chautauqua County, NY.

On December 4, 1812, in Chester, VT, he married Eliza Edson. (I have a copy of their marriage certificate.) She was the daughter of Rufus and Mary (Cole) Edson, formerly of Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, and was born on April 23, 1794, in Chester, VT.

In 1812, Amos and Eliza moved to Italy, Yates County, New York, and settled on lot 38, South Survey. According to the 1855 Census, they had a frame house which cost $150 to build.

Amos was a farmer and landowner; by the year 1855 he had 58 acres of improved land, and no acres of unimproved land. The cash value of his farm was $1740; of stock $225; and of tools $100. He grew spring wheat, winter wheat, oats, and barley, among other things.

In 1820, Amos' brother Ebenezer settled on lot 22, South Survey, and resided there with his family - his wife, one son, and one daughter -- until the year 1830. Also, Amos' sister Lucy married Henry Kirk, a shoemaker, and they settled in 1822 on a part of lot 25, South Survey, and later moved to Chautauqua County.

Amos and Eliza had thirteen children, the names of whom are as follows. This information diverges from that listed in the Edson Family History and Genealogy.  The order listed below may be incorrect.

  1. Henry G. (b.1813), who married Elsie Segar, a sister of William Segar (husband of his cousin, Sarah Hayes - the daughter of Eliza's sister Hezediah).
  2. Cephas or Josephus (b. ?), who died unmarried.
  3. Lucy, who married James Aiken. They moved to Michigan.
  4. Wesley, who married and lived in Naples, NY (though Amos' probate records imply that he also moved to Michigan).
  5. James G, who married a Miss Nichols (Harriet?), and "went West" (to Michigan?).
  6. Mary (born abt. 1818), who married Daniel Wales, and lived in Naples, NY.  Daniel died on April 6, 1865, aged 46.
  7. Philena (b. abt. 1820), who married George R. Youngs, and lived in Penn Yan.
  8. Rufus E (b.1820), who married Mary Segar, and "went West" (to Michigan).
  9. Louisa (b. July 1823), who died unmarried at age 20.
  10. William R. (b.1825), who married Angeline Pierce (though her gravestone has Angeline Griswold; was she married twice?). They lived in Naples, NY.
  11. Phebe (b. May 13, 1835), who married Philip C. Wetherby (executor of Amos' will). They resided with her mother Eliza until her death, and kept the house after that.
  12. Livonia (b. May 11, 1837), my 3rd great-grandmother, who married Obediah Smith.
  13. Deany T. (b. Nov 2, 1842), who died young.

Amos Arnold died on May 24, 1856. His probate records give some clue as to the names of children that were alive at the time of his death, and where they lived. His wife Eliza survived him, and died in Italy on March 23, 1862.

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