Archival Employment Opportunities in North Carolina

  • Scope: Archival positions in NC
  • Updated: Not stated
  • Sponsor: Society of North Carolina Archivists

Archives Gig

  • Scope: Careers, jobs, and internships in archives and records management
  • Updated: Daily Mon-Fri.  Feeds available via RSS and Twitter.
  • Sponsor: Meredith Lowe

Broadway Lights: ARMA International Metro NYC Chapter

  • Scope: Archives & Records Mgmt positions in metro NYC
  • Updated: Monthly
  • Sponsor: ARMA International, Metro NYC Chapter

Career Link: ARMA International’s Career Placement Services

  • Scope: Records management and archives positions throughout the world
  • Updated: Weekly. Job seekers can also upload their resumes here.
  • Sponsor: ARMA International, the Association of Records Managers and Administrators

Kentucky Library Job Hotline

  • Scope: Professional library, archival, and records management positions within Kentucky
  • Updated: Not stated.
  • Sponsor: Kentucky Dept. for Libraries and Archives

Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference: Employment Opportunities

  • Scope: Archival positions across the country (not limited to the mid-Atlantic states)
  • Updated: Whenever new jobs are available.  Newest jobs appear at the top of the list, and closing dates are provided.
  • Sponsor: MARAC (Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference)

National Archives and Records Administration: Employment Opportunities

  • Scope: Employment opps at NARA, including internships and volunteer positions.
  • Updated: Whenever new postings are available.
  • Sponsor: National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC.

Preserve/Net Employment Opportunities

  • Scope: Career opportunities in preservation and conservation.
  • Updated: Whenever new jobs are available.
  • Sponsor: Preserve/Net, the Preservationists' Resource, Cornell University.

SAA Online Employment Bulletin

  • Scope: Archivist and related positions across the country
  • Updated: Weekly, on Thursday afternoons
  • Sponsor: Society of American Archivists (SAA)

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